or us the English Setter is a gift by an "accidental love". We became acquainted with our first English Setter
Foltos Bestia Akela "Axi"
through an advertisement in a newspaper, unfortunately she was not the result of a conscious choice, as at that time we didn't think about shows or breeding, we just wanted "a dog".

After getting many nice Setter friends and tasting the world of shows, we realized that our life is closely interwoven with the Setters. We visited very many shows both at home and abroad, tried to get as much material as possible (English yearbook, dog anatomy, etc.) and built relationships with also internationally acknowledged English Setter breeders to have a wider knowledge of this breed.

Due to this knowledge we decided to have the goal to breed the type of the standard-giving England. Our lines were chosen in this direction.

Suntop Shining Ben's son,
Heuréka Vaspy
was a big help in the first generation whom we can thank for the litters A and B.
He come to us, when he was 4 years old from his breeder Ágnes Kurkó. He was our first succesful showdog.
For the second generation we brought a dog from Belgium with English origin, the son of Latest Dance at Bournehouse: Wansleydale Stay Lucky"Diegó". Diego was the great father of the C (Can Can, Chili and Chick-Pea) and D litter at Slow Fox. These litters were more successful and also in appearance better than the two previous litters. The founder of the third generation is also an English import dog, the grandson of Bournehouse Razzle Dazzle: Bournehouse Rock Star "Hope". The offspring of Hope - the Slow Fox E and F litters -Evening -Star "Melody",
Fey Firedrake "Shadow"
and Fun Factory"Joy" are all champions, Shadow is even Junior World Winner (Porto 2001). We kept a tricolour bitch from one of Hope's most promising matings abroad (Ferrysett Silhoutte -at kennel Bournefield), Bournefield Zarzuela "Secret". Secret is to our pride already champion of four countries, European Winner (Barcelona 2004) and also a Junior World Winner (Porto 2001). At the end of 2001 a new young promising dog showed up in our kennel in the person of Bournehouse Stormy Sea "Pride".
He became the father of the Slow Fox forth generation: the G, H, I and J litters.

It's them we can thank for that the Slow Fox English Setters can stand their ground even in the biggest international competition nowadays. 
We always laid emphasis - and will do so in the future - on the health (HD and PRA tests), the conformation and the hunting abilities of our dogs. We do this for the owners (who choose a dog from our kennel) so they can be satisfied and happy with a healthy and nice English Setter by their side.
Thanks to Gordon and Penny Williams, Karel, Nicole and Leen van Genechten and Lieven de Leebeck for all their help and support!